Moo Is the Only Word a Cow Can Say

We had been discussing the special abilities of different animals…

Me: You’re a human being. Your special skill lies in how smart you are. You are smarter than all of the other animals in the world.

Son: Yes. Yes I am (He is very pleased with himself). Cows are not smart. ‘Moo’ is the only word they can say.


‘That Sad Dog Wearing The Funny Hat’

My son pointed out a dog in the park wearing a flea collar.

Son: Why is that dog wearing that funny hat Daddy?

Me: It’s his sun hat. It gives him shade from the sun.

Son: I don’t think it’s a sun hat Daddy. I think it’s his sad hat.

Me: Hmmm. You may well be right buddy…


‘A Sneaky Dragon’

My son reminded me of this t-shirt we did for world book day; part of his knight outfit. I asked him if he’d like a Lion or a Dragon drawn on the front,

‘A Dragon daddy, a sneaky dragon with arms like this…’ (Does creeping bent arms pose). I laughed. Then I did it.


‘My Letter. It is the BEST Letter.’

So he’s practicing his writing at the moment. This is the best way to get him to remember what’s what. It also makes his letter appear to be the BEST letter of the alphabet. Which it is.


‘Not a Lady Ladybird’


Daddy, I want a Ladybird. But not a lady Ladybird, a man Ladybird… A Manbird.