‘A Sneaky Dragon’

My son reminded me of this t-shirt we did for world book day; part of his knight outfit. I asked him if he’d like a Lion or a Dragon drawn on the front,

‘A Dragon daddy, a sneaky dragon with arms like this…’ (Does creeping bent arms pose). I laughed. Then I did it.


‘A Bearded Dragon On A Skateboard’


We looked at a series of reptile images in an animal book and I revealed the name of one large lizard as a ‘Bearded Dragon’. I have never thought it a peculiar name but my son found it fascinating. He wanted a drawing of it. On a skateboard of course.

(Please note – a Bearded Dragon does not actually have a beard and more confusingly, is not actually a dragon. But strangely enough, they might be able to ride a skateboard).