‘Tomato Head’


Me: A felt tip drawing!? Are you mad!?

Son: Go on Daddy, draw the Tomato Head!

You know you need to get out more when the art medium seems crazier than the request to draw a foodstuff with eyes and teeth.


‘Mr. Fishlegs’


I had tried explaining to my son that all life on earth evolved from life in the sea. It was taking a quite a while to convince him that creatures that once lived in the water had to grow legs for life on land. This all naturally led to a discussion about Mr Fishlegs and his lifetime of struggling with (sarcastic) dinosaurs.


‘A Ladyfish’


I was at the dinner table with my 3 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter goofing around…

Son: How do you know if a fish is a boy or a girl Daddy?

Me: Errrr, there are subtle differences in their appearance I suppose…

Son: Does the Manfish wear glasses like you daddy?

Me: Yes. And the Ladyfish has big eyelashes and wears lipstick.