‘My Snapping Plant’


He asked for a drawing of his ‘Snapping Plant’, using his hands to illustrate the terrifying speed and power that his new Venus Fly Trap plant possesses. However, after patiently waiting for 5 mins and staring at the fascinating plant, he quietly repeated to himself my earlier statement that ‘It doesn’t always snap at the flies very fast’ and promptly began searching for more dead flies to tempt his plant into displaying its ferocious appetite.


2 thoughts on “‘My Snapping Plant’

  1. I love flytraps. I started with one and now have hundreds.
    Dead flies don’t work well for the flytraps. The reason is that flytraps seal in 2 stages. The first is the quick snapping action. The second is slower and requires the bug to still be moving.
    If your son uses a clear plastic cup and lowers it slowly, he can trap live flies. Then slide a piece of paper under the cup and place everything in the freezer for a few minutes. The fly will become dormant. When he feeds the dormant fly to the flytrap, the fly will eventually wake up and trigger the second phase of sealing.
    Anyway, cute drawing.


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